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Best Handicap Supplies

Best Handicap Supplies


To our helpful handicap supply online store.  Best Handicap Supplies.com has a large selection of handicap accessories and useful aids for all types of handicaps. We carry products for the blind, the deaf, those with mobility needs, and the elderly.

Hearing impaired?    

      We carry a large selection of products for you.  We have vibrating, light flashing and amplifying tools.  Alarm clocks and telephones that vibrate, TTY’S/TDD’s, hearing aids, and strobe doorbell alerts are just a few of the products we carry for you.   

Impaired Vision?

     We carry a wide variety of talking and large faced watches.  Writing guides, sun glasses, magnifiers, talking clocks, and Braille products are just the beginning.  We also carry sewing aids, item identification, large prints and lighting.  Get back some of the fun with jumbo playing cards, scrabble tiles, and bingo cards. 

Impaired Mobility?


     Get back the security with the help of our canes, walkers, rollators, and mobile scooters. We sell ramps, wheelchairs and many other accessories.    

Need help around the house?    

     You need to check out our household products!  We carry cooking helpers, dishes and cups, home cleaning accessories, and appliances. 



Why did the Power of Sisters Inc. decide to sell handicap supplies?

     We come from a family with a long history of loved ones who have needed certain supplies that are needed to make life a little easier for the person with the handicap.  Our mom was an amputee and graduated from crutches to being wheel chair bound.  This was back in the day when the sidewalks were not required to have ramps at the curb stones, or the toilets in a handicap stall was so high my mom would have to jump up from her wheel chair.  The handicap products have come along way from those days.  We are proud to offer a wide selection of goods for multiple handicaps at many levels.  We also have our own handicaps, Tammy is deaf in one ear and engaged to a wonderful man who makes her seem like she could hear a pin drop. He uses a hearing aid and is learning to read lips.  Tracy and Stacy both are going slowly blind.  Tracy needs things enlarged for her. Stacy is blind in one eye and needs things enlarged, made brighter and has difficulty with some colors and small print.  In our own homes Tammy uses vibrating products with and with out the flashing lights.  Stacy loves hear talking watch, and her large labels. She is excited about learning Braille, and her cane is very helpful. Tracy likes any product that makes working on the computer easier, her eyes get tired easy.  We are excited to be involved in the selling of products that can make the difference in a persons life and we will keep our "eyes" open for new and improved products. 


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We now accept Paypal!

We now accept Paypal!

In order to improve our service to our customers we now accept PayPal.

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